Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday in ... Stopfenreuther Au

On the Sunday I went to Schloss Hof I spent the afternoon on a canoe ride in Stopfenreuther Au, a nature preserve along the Danube.
Rangers helped us to get the canoes into the water and how to row. Being single and equiped with a camera, I got the front place :-).
That gave me a great opportunity to take pictures. The trees and bushes showed clearly how high the water was just a few days ago.
The canoes were moving slowly and I managed to capture a photo of one of the tiny inhabitants of this area.
 The water was calm, sometime a fish jumped, but I never had the camera aimed into the right direction.
Growth underneath the water,

reaching up towards the top, and if you look closely (uper left corner), you might discover another tiny animal.
Taking shelter from the rain on the shore - another surprise.
While it was raining and cold it was a lovely adventure and perfect ending to a spontanous Sunday trip.

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