Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday in.... Schönbrunn

For the first time this year I spent an afternoon in Schönbrunn. Trying to avoid the masses that took advantage of this sunny Sunday afternoon I chose a different path from the one I take usually.
Starting out in the Dessert house there was so much to see and observe, it was difficult to leave. Mums sitting on their eggs,
sleeping and
Busy flying somewhere else.
Lunchtime for the gophers.
 Flowers on the inside, but also outside, once I decided to leave and walk through the botanical garden.

Spring showing off all it's colours.
Meeting harmles wildlife on the way up the hill.
Passing the Nandus to visit the Giraffes in their new interim enclosure, while their home is modernised.
Oh, Spring, this is nearly too much perfection!
Yes, I think so too, so I decided to look on from inside!
And with a last look at the tulips I left Schönbrunn, filled with the colours and smells of Spring.

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