Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gardengallery in the park of Schloss Gloggnitz

Every summer my water color painting professor organises a show for his pupils in the park of Schloss Gloggnitz, where he has his studio.
The churchtower is an imposing view from the garden. The voluntary fireguard fixes ropes between the trees and everyone finds a place to hang pictures.
 While today was very hot (for our summer) there still were quite a few visitors walking between our pictures.
For the artist exhibiting it was a chance to catch up with each other, compare schedules - will you join the trip to...., or the trip to.... 
As a special activity there were body painters working on models, who, once finished, also walked around between the pictures as living artworks.

A chance to flee the too hot city for a slightly cooler afternoon in good company and with the chance to see great art.

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