Friday, January 8, 2016

52 Weeks of Creativity

Welcome 2016, it's lovely to get to know you.

I am not big on new years resolutions, choosing a word for the year or things like that, though I know that they work for many people quite well. So for this year I have the intention to go through life more conciously, not just talk about healthy eating but hold myself responsible for actually doing it, planning out my menus, taking my homecooked lunch to the office and cut out sugar and mindless eating of cookies.

And I have also decided to join my friend Karin's 52 weeks of creativity challenge. While I had in mind that it would get me drawing more, already the first weeks theme "Music" got my mind working. Living in Vienna, growing up with the wonderfull tradition of starting the new year with a magnificent concert - and this year's New Years Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with Mariss Jansons as conductor was especially good - there were many ideas like drawing a musical instrument, or attempting to draw the building of Musikverein, where the concert is held every year.

But while sitting at my spinning wheel, thinking about what music means to me and my life, I suddenly realised that there are many different kinds of music. And this one I love very much at the moment:
Looking forward to 51 more challenging weeks of fun!

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  1. I like this very much! It's hypnotic. Someday I will come to your place and watch you spinning - it looks and sounds so relaxing.