Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bloom - 52 Weeks of Creativity

Bloom, the first thought is always of flowers, blooms on a tree or my much loved orchids.
What is needed for blooms to form: seeds, nourishment, time...
Time was needed for these blooms to flourish too:

More than 20 years in the making, this was one of my first finishes 2016. Embroidery is something I feel the need to do now and again, but the urge is usually gone after some days or a week or two. So I got into the habit of having some season appropriate projects in my storage to get out, whenever I HAVE TO HAVE something to embroider. Finishing this decade old project felt so good even though it will not come to the honour it deserves until Chrismas 2016, that I immediately started looking for something else to finish and lo and behold: flowers as well, much simpler but heartwarmingly funny:

That was, when the analogy struck: My shelves are full of seeds, the only thing they are missing is time spent on them to nourish projects and bring them to bloom. Be it fabrics, wool, fibers, paint, beeds - everything waiting for the appropirate time.
OK, I think it is time to dive deep into my seed stash and bring them to bloom and not choke them under adding more seeds to be forgotten as soon as something else catches my eyes. Being creative with what is there and not with looking for more but also owning up to seeds that have dried up and will never bloom and getting rid of them.
And now I'm off, looking for hidden seeds on my bookshelves to see what treasures bloom there without me realizing it.

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