Monday, February 22, 2016

Sleep - 52 Weeks of Creativity

Sleep - who has time to sleep? Or let's say, it's not that I would not love to sleep, but as one hardly ever get's what one wants, I end up being rather productive right now.
 I joined in with a worldwide crowd with the Splendid Sampler Quilt - 100 6,5 inch blocks in a year.
46 parts? And that is block 2? What is ahead????
 That made the Fire Shawl MKAL seem simple in comparison.
 Beads - fiddly stuff makes me so happy right now!
 The blocks for a baby quilt are finished,
 now the connecting strips have to be sewn next,
I  have to be finished in May!
And a big spinning project is finished too - I spun coloured wool from an Advent Kalender exchange with grey  and am looking for a pattern (a hoody, I really would love to knit a really comfortable hoody!).
Sleep - would love too, but too much to do.....

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