Friday, April 1, 2016

Fiber Friday

I think it has been quite noticable that I have added a new passion to painting, cooking and quilting: spinning.
To get myself motivated to blog more, I have decided to join in another link up: Fiber Friday.
So to start, here is my most recent project. I  joined a SAL/KAL from Regenbogenwolle on Ravelry. The Challenge was to spin a gradient, either a special dye job Charlene offered for this SAL or other fibers one chose in the time of February 20th to March 20th:
I decided on a different colourscheme - Dragonseye and had to work with two different kind of fibers. One is pure Wensleydale and the other, shown above, is a mix of Cheviot, Lycocel and milk fiber. I spun those separately and then plyed them together. For the second colour I decided on 100 % grey merino.

I managed to finish spinning in time and even won a € 10,-- voucher for Charlene's shop! Happy dance!
I started knitting but had to slow down, due to troubles with my hands and I had also used up all the Dragonseye without the shawl being as long as I wanted it. My hands are getting better soI decided to spin more than the 200 gr. which were the original challenge, to get my "Dragonriders of Pern" as big as I want it. I have one more strand of pure Wensleydale left and I hope that the change in fibercontent will not be too noticable.
As I am still being careful not to overuse my poor hands, this will take some time, but as I already won for the spinning part, I do not intend to enter the knitting challenge anyway.
Let's see, how many weeks I will show you the same spinning job!

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